Imaginings & Concepts

On this page, I would love to share with you the beauty of working visual assets is imagining what else could be of them when allowing your creativity to drift into other realms and possibilities.  In some of the pieces shown on this page, I do offer background referencing as to what inspired certain works.

Torrentés Selected Wine for Argentinian Restaurant
While creating new commercial imagery for a local Argentinian BBQ restaurant here in Auckland, New Zealand, I was able to achieve these new works of promoting the restaurant's special selection of Torrontés wine. The Argentinian landscape had to play an important part to showcase the origin of the wine, set against the beautiful terrain with all its vibrancy and majesty.   The imagery showcases what can be achieved with existing material as well as composited assets originally photographed elsewhere for the sake of completing one unique look.  (Please Note: The photography of the Argentinian landscape and gaucho were sourced from another catalog, unfortunately with no proper credit, and, therefore, I can not claim credit here for the natural scenery.)


Blade Runner Concept
This visual concept composite is inspired from the longest time by the classic film (in addition to the glorious Vangelis' composed, timeless score) "Blade Runner."  I have always been fascinated with cityscapes and futuristic renderings of the world of tomorrow.  Whether being in awe of the illustrations of Syd Mead, Ralph McQuarrie (concept designer for "Star Wars"), or the dystopian landscapes as seen in "Blade Runner," I enjoy how marvelous the imagination can run when re-creating future worlds with a boundless imagination.


Sky Orb
A world only creating itself together drifts through the vast universe.  In time it will have its immense vacuities brought together.


Sky Overview
High technological instruments monitor the climate for disparities in purity to retain an immaculate planet free of environmental disturbances.


Triumphant Statue
The statue in this composite original is an actual bodybuilder who commissioned and posed for me to execute this piece based on his specifications.  The backdrops are all separate composites as well as the flag (created in a 3D environment to reflect lighting and translucency); the client never actually held a pole during our photo-session.


Musical Producer
In another commissioned piece, the client also appears in this composite shot to convey his dedication for his career in music production.  Well-versed in sounds and keyboards, he wanted to image that presented his world being surrounded by all things harmonic and in musical key form.  I believe such a shot here has been achieved.