Lensbaby Photography

What is Lensbaby?  Well, Lensbaby is a VERY unique and dynamic addition to a photographer's arsenal of lenses creating beautifully selective focusing "organically" with your camera.  The results are gorgeous, wonderful photographs with a poetically lush look where the "sweet spot" of your capture is in good focus while the rest of the image gradually blurs away.  When I originally saw my first Lensbaby images online back in 2005, I was intrigued.  But it wasn't until 2007 when I purchased my first Lensbaby and I wasted no time familiarizing myself with the accordion-like contraption (resembling something out of a TIm Burton movie) to start using it within my personal and professional work.  Since then, Lensbaby have redesigned their line of lenses from their earlier versions while launching newer lenses, and I continue being a fan of this truly unique company where their products are proudly Made In America!

In this section I would love to share some of my Lensbaby photos with you I've taken over the years with some different model LB lenses.  Some works are personal, others are professional.  Enjoy!