First Photography Blog: Santorini, Greece

Welcome to my first blog entry ever! 

Considering the diverse photographic themes I have been involved in (portraits, conceptual, special events, weddings, fitness), I felt it I would start off with a travel theme to reflect my more recent photographic excursions.  For many, MANY years I have read and treasured many photography blogs (as I "archive" on my Twitter feed) and always wondered what I could possibly contribute to this amazingly universe-large annals of online blogs.  It soon dawned on me recently with the immense library of travel imagery I have accumulated that it would be fitting to start with an incredibly beautiful part of the Mediterranean I always saw in travel advertisements years and years ago but never dreamed I would actually wind-up there one day:

Santorini, Greece.

And considering how Greece has been so affected economically lately, I felt it also necessary to state that MANY Greeks WANT Americans (heck, the whole world!) to come to their friendly and beautiful country.  Upon seeing I am an American on Greek soil, Greeks urged me to announce to my fellow American travelers to get themselves over there!  Despite the demonstrations heavily propagated with fear-inducing exaggeration on our TV evening news (mostly occurring within Athens), the country wants everyone to know tourists will be safe!  I truly felt secure exploring Greece and welcomed by the restaurants and shops I stepped into. 

The Greeks are absolutely delightful and friendly hosts.