Split and Dubrovnik, Croatia

Wow!  What an unexpected delight is it to have seen Split and Dubrovnik!  I never would have thought to making it this eastward in Europe and often heard mixed noise about these parts of the continent.  But thankfully all of that was easily set aside when I witnessed the immense gorgeous beauty of the Old Town of Dubrovnik and it's surrounding locales, like Split, Koločep and Montenegro.  Dubrovnik's old, fortress city has immense charm, beauty, and a fantastic view of the Adriatic Sea with distant yet close isles. 

I do apologize if I appear a bit more featured in this blog entry, but it is undeniable the sweeping scenery behind me was just too overwhelming to not be photographed in and to share.  But I'm sure many of you will get a wonderful idea about how majestic and beautiful this part of Europe truly is!