Weddings are the most special time of a couple's life.  This day should inherit a visual documentation of the union of two people, their families and treasured friends who will witness the honor, trust and love toward a life together.  And as a professional photographer, I look forward to being able to photograph such an eventful union with memories to be cherished for years and years to come.

Wedding rates begin at $4,500*.  Larger wedding needs may accrue wedding rate.  Wedding photography services* include the following:
* Pre-wedding consultation
* Engagement portraits of the loving couple and principal wedding party
* Coverage of your wedding ceremony and reception
* Photos given thorough, polished review for color-balancing and retouching before delivery
* High-resolution photos of your special day, with unrestricted use of photos for personal use, and archived on external hard drive means
* Queensberry pressbook album (for New Zealand clients)
* Leatherbound pressbook finish album (for American clients)
* 25% mobilisation fee required for secure booking 2 to 3 months prior to wedding date, payable by check or cash only.
* Turn-around time for wedding photo delivery: 30-days.  Expedited service 15-day service for an additional $700 (photos without album only).

* Rates and services subject to change without notice.
  Rev. May 24, 2015.